Act 2 Character Perspective

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. What is Romeo thinking? Just getting over Rosaline and now getting married? He is a bigger fool than I thought! I think this whole thing is going to blow up in their faces. Who is Juliet anyway? A Capulet? I don’t think Lord Montague and Lord Capulet will like this arrangement very much.


3 thoughts on “Act 2 Character Perspective

  1. Chuck:
    I agree with you that he just got over Rosaline and he just met Juliet and they want to get married already.I think that they are to young to get married at a very young age.Gavin

  2. Chuck,

    I agree. Romeo is acting very smart right now. It will NOT end good, not at all. Yes. Juliet is a Capulet. I think that their parents will be very upset when they find out.

    Nice Work,


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